Heat Stabilizer For PVC Products By Road Of Environmental Protection
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With the growing global environmental and health consciousness, plastic stabilizer will move towards a low-toxic, pollution-free, composite and efficient development, including calcium/zinc composite stabilizer is a type of competitive products. CA/Zn stabilizers performance abroad, selling price in China is relatively high, but less in the products, only 2~3. Many manufacturers currently use Germany's products.
To meet the requirements situation of lead-ban, stabilizer manufacturer in China should step up its adjustment of product structure, development of low toxicity and pollution-free as soon as possible, complex and highly effective heat stabilizers as an alternative to lead salt products.
"The process of heat stabilizer for promoting environmental protection, accelerate the pace of ban of lead in PVC products industry, plastics industry development of China is an inevitable trend. "Executive Vice President of the China plastics processing industry association said Cao Jian, accelerate the process of PVC products industry, environmental protection is not just an external environment to plastics processing industry demands and plastics industry structure adjustment, enhance innovation capabilities, internal demand for industrial upgrading and sustainable development. Plastic products are closely related to people's lives, ensuring the safety of plastics, plastic industry must bear social responsibilities and obligations.
At present, China's plastics industry to promote lead-ban is in order, and in children's toys, water supply UPVC pipes, electronic information products and gratifying progress has been made in leather and other products. But from plastic Association plastic additives designed Board will provides of statistics data view, in 2012 hot stable agent more than 500,000 tons of production in the, non-lead products by accounted for proportion also not to 20%, lead salt stable agent market share still occupies absolute of advantage status, non-lead stable agent also only limited to has introduced of national standards clear ban lead of several varieties and export to Europe, country of PVC products. Heat stabilizer for PVC products in China's road of environmental protection is still a long way to go.