The Advantage Of CA-Zn Composite Heat Stabilizer PubDate:2017-01-19 Views:333
CA-Zn composite heat stabilizer has the following advantages:
(1) composite heat stabilizer of a variety of components in its production process is fully mixed, mixed with resins dispersed was significantly improve uniformity.
(2) formulation when mixing, simplifies the measurement times, reducing measurement error probabilities and losses brought about by.
(3) simple accessories supply and reserves, production, quality management.
(4) provide the possibility of dust-free products, improving production conditions.
Usually heat stabilizer, according to their specific scientific use, alone will be very rare, and most varieties are powder-like, some are very toxic chemicals. Ideal stabilizer is a versatile substance, or mixture of materials that they can achieve the following features:
1) for lively, unstable substituent;
2) absorbed and neutralised in the processing of PVC emits HCL, the automatic elimination of HCL-catalyzed degradation;
3) and inactivation or degradation in catalytic metal ions and other harmful impurities;
4) through a variety of chemical reactions in the form of blocks of unsaturated bonds continue to grow, inhibit the degradation of coloring;