Special tubing stabilizer
Properties and USES
Appearance: white or light yellow powder
Scope of application: mainly used in various environmental protection requirements of rigid PVC pipes, pipe fittings, plates, profiles, wood and plastic, imitation marble, foaming board and trough and special-shaped material, etc
Developed from the reaction of nanoscale auxiliary stabilizer and organics with specific function with calcium and zinc ions; similar thermal stability with lead stabilizer.
Environment friendly, with no heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium and mercury), and approved by the SGS test.
Good coloring property at the beginning and excellent thermal stability in the long term.
Resistant to vulcanization, chemicals and oil.
Excellent processing performance with wide processing scope; adaptable to many kinds of equipment and techniques; good and uniform plasticization, enhancer melt strength.
Transparent, adaptable, and comparable to imported products.
Good electrical properties and long thermal stability time (CongoTech); excellent disparity property.

Quality index
Name Ash(1000℃)% Melting point℃ 水分 比重
Detail 20-30 70-115 ≤2% 1.08
PVC樹脂 碳酸鈣 穩定劑 抗沖改性劑 加工助劑 顏料 潤滑劑
100 適量 2.8-5.5 0.5 1-3 適量 適量